• Similar to stone works, pavers are very durable and hold up well in all conditions including harsh weather, areas with high volume foot traffic, scratches, abrasions and cracking.
  • Because of the interlocking nature of pavers, they are much more flexible than other materials like concrete which allows them to move with the earth preventing cracking.
  • Unlike concrete paths, pavers allow for better drainage through the joints, providing better run off of water and therefore less puddling. A great option for areas that are constantly getting waterlogged!
  • If a paver were to crack or chip for whatever reason, individual pavers are easily replaced, ensuring a perfectly manicured home at all times.
    • Brick/clay pavers
    • Concrete pavers
    • Sandstone/flagging pavers
    • Marble pavers
    • Travertine
    • Cobble stones
    • Porcelain

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